Wildlife on our farmwildlife on the farm

C. Wright & Son (Gedney) Ltd. is located in an area known as South Holland, which is one of the top places in the world for seeing birds.

The farm is also the home of a Marsh Harrier, the largest of the harrier birds. The two photographs below show baby march harriers, being checked and tagged by conservationists monitoring their progress.

The photographs have been taken by some of the conservation experts who visit the farm on a regular basis to check on the protected birds who live here. On the left are some more pictures of other protected birds on the farm, click on them for a bigger picture.

Although not pictured here, some of our buildings serve not just the farm, but also as home to barn owls.

Less exotically, the farm is still the habitat of the usual animals you would expect to find on a healthy farm, such as rabbits and hares, foxes, pheasants etc.

Also, a small number of sheep and horses graze the grassy paddocks which we maintain.

Aspagarus from the farmasparagus

From April to June the company supplies the wholesale market and catering industry with fresh green asparagus to be sold in high quality retail outlets and farm shops and served in restaurants across the UK.

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C.Wright & Son produce daffodils every year for the UK and European markets. All are handpicked to the finest quality and immediately chilled for distribution at home and abroad.

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